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Dwight Alexander, author Dwight Alexander
Author of
The Miracle of the Hermit Crab and You Are Not Alone
Jack Lewis Baillot, author Jack Lewis Baillot
Author of
Brothers-in-Arms: A World War 2 Story and Finding the Magic
William Bartlett, author William Bartlett
Author of
Cancer: Don't Drop the Mic!
Tom Beaudin, author Tom Beaudin
Author of
Timmy's Spiritual Christmas and Your Love Has Shown Me God's Love
Victorious Blessing, Christian Author Victorious Blessing
Author of
James Bouvier, Christian Author James Bouvier
Author of
Nightmare in Times Square
Debra Sue Brice, Christian author Debra Sue Brice
Author of
Crossing Boarders
Marlan Cannon, author Marlan Cannon
Author of
Faith Family Life
Cescilio Chavez, Christian author Cescilio Chavez,
Author of A Christian in India
Jennifer Chamberlain, Christian author Jennifer Chamberlain,
Author of Fresh Fruit: Meditations on the Fruit of the Holy Spirit and Lord Teach Us to Live
Lynn Cornell, author Lynn Cornell
Author of
The Color of Redemption
Gloria Daniels, author Gloria Daniels
Author of
Life, Death, and Everything In-Between
Patricia Daniels, author Patricia Daniels
Author of
Jan's Sanctuary Walk
Josephine Elisabeth, author Josephine Elisabeth
Author of
Building Faith
Jack Ellis, author Jack Ellis
Author of
The Wealth of Families
C.R. Flamingbush, author C.R. Flamingbush
Author of
Speed of Sight: A Superhero Adventure
Mike Gilles, author Mike Gilles
Author of
Faith Is Not Important...It is Everything!
Mark Anthony Grubb, author Mark Anthony Grubb
Author of
Born from Silence
Kristen Harper, Christian author Kristen Harper
Author of
Elephant in the Room
Julie Hart, Christian author Julie Hart
Author of
Letters by the Creek
Christian author Barbara White Hege
Author of
Consequences of Divorce and Selected Pearls from the Word
Christian author Linda Henderson
Author of
Where is Heaven?
Emily Isaacson, poet and author Emily Isaacson
Author of
Hallmark: Canada's 150th Anniversary
Christian author J.G. Jakes, Author of Broken Promises
Kathleen Kitchin, Author Kathleen Kitchin, Author of First Things First
Evelyn Lang, Author Evelyn Lang, Author of A Lifetime of Love
Louis Jones, Christian author and publisher Louis N. Jones
Cheryl Phillip-Jordan, author Cheryl Phillip-Jordan
Author of
Keeping It Brief
Kamaria Jordan, author Kamaria Jordan
Author of
The Adventures of Benji Boy
Cori Kelly, author Cori Kelly
Author of
But God
W. Dee Kennedy, Christian Author W. Dee Kennedy
Author of
How to Find God When You've Looked Everywhere
Inkang Kim, Christian author Inkang-Kim
Author of
Joy Formula
J. Todd Kingrea, author and pastor J. Todd Kingrea
Author of
Carrying on the Mission of Jesus
C.M.H. Koenig, author C.M.H. Koenig
Compiler of
Old Testament Readings & Devotionals, Volume 1 and Volume 2.
Douglas Lim, author Douglas Lim
Author of
Moments Remembered: A 30-Day Devotional for Families and I'm Scared, Grandpa!
Marcia Loofboro, author Marcia Loofboro
Author of
Flagging: An Audience Unto One
Christian author Gloria Lovejoy
Author of
Gloria's Road
Nathan Lumbatis, author Nathan Lumbatis
Author of Daniel and the Triune Quest, Daniel and the Sun Sword, and Daniel and the Serpent's Abyss
Vicky Lynch, author Vicky Lynch
Author of
I've Been Raped by a Church!
Terra Lynee, author Terra Lynee
Author of
Nathan's Fate
Kleber Mbenoun, Christian author Kleber Mbenoun
Author of
More Than a Great Partner
Sharon Merz, Christian author Sharon Merz
Author of
Strength for the Body & Soul
Cody Moree, Christian author Dr. Cody Moree, Author of Deep Routes
Thomas Nye, Christian author Thomas Nye
Author of
Amish Park
Okezie Ofoegbu, author Okezie Ofoegbu
Author of
Living by Grace: Twelve Reflections based on the Book of Galatians
Grace Ozioma Onotu, author Grace Ozioma Onotu
Author of
Perfect Love: The Path to Glory
Christian author Trudy Pettibone
Author of
Together and The Command and the Promise
Libby Radabaugh, author Libby Radabaugh
Author of
Wear Your Crown
Rosalind Smith, author Rosalind Smith
Author of
My Path to Praise: My Private Journey from Hell
Wesley Smith, Christian author and pastor Wesley Smith
Author of
Grace and Mercy: My Path to Redemption
Christian author Simon Jonah Thomas
Author of
Storm Clouds
Dr. Bobby Wagner, author and pastor Dr. Bobby Wagner
Author of
ReAwakening: The Power of the Gospel
Ashlee Willis, author Ashlee Willis
Author of
The Word Changers
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