ReAwakening: The Power of the Gospel

What and where does God intend us to be as Christians, and how do we get there?

ReAwakening: The Power of the Gospel

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About this Book

In ReAwakening, you will find power to live by putting your faith in the One who can ReAwaken your identity. The Good News (Gospel) not only saves us but does far more than anything we can imagine. What's the greatest crisis in our world today? Dr. Bobby Wagner contends it is our inability to understand the foundational aspects of the Gospel. The most foundational message of the Christian faith has been confused. The Gospel not only saves us, but it provides the power for us to overcome the evil in our world. Is it possible to read the Bible and believe God does not work powerfully through His people? The miraculous power of the Gospel has not ceased; our faith and understanding of it have. It seems we are losing our faith and understanding of the Gospel, in our God-given identity, in the Bible, in the church, and in our world.

A dramatic transformation takes place when you believe in the power of the Gospel. As our unbelief continues, one more person misses the Good News. As a result, of the nearly 75 million Americans who have trusted Jesus Christ for salvation, more than 70 million have never shared the Good News. In a postmodern and post-Christian culture amid a crisis of unbelief, the only way souls will be touched is if God's people become witnesses of the power of the Gospel.