A Christian in India

Lessons from a Seminarian who Discovers Jesus in Hindu Temples

By Cescilio Chavez, Ph.D
A Christian in India: Lessons from a Seminarian who Discovers Jesus in Hindu Temples

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About this Book

“But indeed, as I live, all the earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord” Numbers 14:21 (NASB).

Author Cescilio Chavez has always believed in Jesus, the Son of God. After teaching for 23 years, receiving two masters and his Ph.D., Cescilio still feels empty. There is something missing. Does the genesis of Cescilio’s sense of emptiness stem from his religious beliefs?

He ventured to learn more about life and Christianity, so he entered seminary at age 52. After studying other religions and other gods in World Religions class, he questions whether Jesus is himself a “universal” God. What about the other many gods that exists in the world? Where are they in relation to Jesus and where is Jesus among them?

Between his desire to learn more about his faith and his aspiration to learn about other religions, Cescilio is afforded a fateful opportunity to search for his God in India.

Through Cescilio’s eyes, you will take a journey into India. Each chapter of A Christian in India takes you deeper into who Jesus is and where God resides, and you will see how Cescilio’s Christian faith grows deeper and stronger.