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Dove Christian Publishers produces Christian books designed to enhance your abundant life in Christ. Our selections range from entertaining and inspiring Christian fiction, to informative Biblical devotionals, to manuals designed to help you and your church minister to men and women coming out of prison. Click on the "Learn More" link on any book to read more about that book, to make a purchase, or to download a free excerpt.
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The Command and the Promise. Reflections on Psalm 119The Command and the Promise:

Reflections on Psalm 119

Trudy Pettibone

Paperback $13.95
e-Book $2.99

Learn More About the Command and the Promise
More Than a Great Partner
More Than a Great Partner

How to Find and Keep the Right Mate

Kleber Mbenoun
Paperback $13.95 e-Book $2.99

Learn More About More Than a Great Partner
Cancer: Don't Drop the Mic! by William Bartlett
Cancer: Don't Drop the Mic!

Lesons Learned along the Treatment Trail

William Bartlett
Paperback $13.95
e-Book $2.99

Learn More About Cancer: Don't Drop the Mic!

Featured Christian Fiction Books

Nathan's Fate, a Christian historical novel by Terra Lynee
Several generations linked by a Bible and a courageous woman as her beau goes off to fight in the Civil War.

Historical Romance
Learn More About Nathan's Fate
Faith Family Life by Marlan CannonFaith Family Life
Life-affirming lessons from a young man's experiences with his close-knit family.

Marlan Cannon

Learn More About Faith Family Life
Daniel and the Triune Quest, a Christian young adult fantasy novel by Nathan Lumbatis
Daniel and his buddy, Ben, face perilous battles and creatures unlike any they have ever imagined.

Young Adult Fantasy
Learn More About Daniel and the Triune Quest
Amish Park, a Christian novel by Thomas Nye
As a final effort to save their crumbling marriage, a couple and their children take a vacation to an Amish tourist site.

Learn More About Amish Park
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Elephant in the Room, a Christian novel by Kristen Harper
Eat too much this Thanskgiving?  This new novel examines an issue that you were likely never taught about in church.

Learn More About Elephant in the Room