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Dove Christian Publishers is a faith-based evangelical Christian book publisher located near Washington, D.C.

We have been publishing books for the Christian market since 1998. Our books are published in various genres, in both e-book and print, and distributed worldwide through Ingram and Spring Arbor. Our fiction selections range from urban fiction to Amish fiction to historical fiction. Our non-fiction selections focus on Christian books that help readers live out their faith more effectively, and Christian ministry books for both laypeople and clergy. We also publish poetry and biographies under our self-publishing imprint, Inscript Books. A common theme throughout all of our books is an adherence to a biblical Christian worldview. We publish our Christian books with the aim of glorifying God, maintaining Biblical integrity, and entertaining and edifying your soul and spirit. Almost all of our books are written by first-time authors whom we have carefully selected and who have a strong desire to share words of faith, wisdom, and purpose to the world through the written word.
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Brothers-in-Arms: A World War 2 Historical Novel

Featured Book: Brothers in Arms: A World War 2 Historical novel

In this compelling historical thriller from author Jack Lewis Baillot, two childhood best friends, one a Jew, one a Christian, vow to survive together through the impending arrival of World War II. However, their friendship is harrowingly tested when one joins the Nazis, and the other joins the Jewish Resistance, without either knowing what the other is doing.
An old Bible links several generations in Nathan's Fate: a historical romance novel

Does God really care about what you eat? YES, according to this new book by author Kristen Harper

Cancer: Don't Drop the Mic!
Upcoming Novel Nathan's Fate
As Sara longs to welcome her boyfriend, Dillon, home from the Middle East, she inherits a Civil War era Bible from her grandmother. This cherished book links her to an ancestor, Lydia, who also longed for the return of her fiancé, a Union soldier named Nathan. Sara soon learns more about Lydia’s world, a world where faith was truly tried and tested.  
Contrary to what many people believe, those dreaded words, "you have cancer," do not necessarily consign the patient to a life of misery, depression, and hopelessness. In fact, as cancer patient William Bartlett asserts in this encouraging new book, Cancer: Don't Drop the Mic!, God sets the stage, introduces you, and then hands you a mic.  The question is, what will you do with it?  
The past year of Daniel’s life has been anything but normal. Adoption by his Heavenly Father? Check. Become the Vessel for the mystical Sun Sword? Check. Charged with a quest to fight the source of all evil? Check. But hey, he made it look good. Now it’s his best friend, Ben’s, turn to become the Vessel for the Triune Shield, and Daniel’s ready to lead the charge on another adventure.  
It's the proverbial "elephant in the room," the looming issue that everyone knows is there, yet no one wants to talk about.  With obesity and its related diseases being touted as national health crises, people everywhere are watching what they eat. In this powerful new novel, a family learns that the one thing that is meant to bless their bodies can be just as harmful, unless they find out what the word of God has to say about eating. 
This book answers the question: Is there hope after a diagnosis of cancer?
In this young adult Christian fantasy,  two teenagers embark on a quest that will change them forever.
 Elephant in the Room: A Christian NovelDaniel and the Triune Quest: a Christian Fantasy novel
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