Elephant in the Room, a new Christian novel by Kristen Harper

Upcoming Release - Elephant in the Room

"We are living in the age of of all-you-can-eat restaurants, feast-laden holidays, and eat-drink-and-be-merry lifestyles, and it seems as if even the church has embraced these values. Yet the word of God has a lot to say about why, how and what we eat.

In this novel by debut author Kristen Harper
, an unfortunate event causes a pastor, his family, and his congregation to begin an insightful, informative journey into the Bible to discover what God says about our eating habits. This book will help improve your health, draw you closer to God, and may even save your life as you confront "The Elephant in the Room" that many churches refuse to confront.

Paperback, eBook
Releasing Soon!

Godslaughter, a new Christian suspense novel by Louis N. Jones

Upcoming Release - Godslaughter

Someone tries to assassinate a prominent pastor at the northwest edge of D.C.'s Federal Triangle. A woman, Celia Rayburn, witnesses the shooting, along with dozens of other witnesses. No one sees the assassin or knows who he is. Yet, for some odd reason, he comes after Celia, and will not stop until she is dead.

This suspense novel by Louis N Jones follows Celia's journey all the way to Toronto, where the killer intends to use her family to pull Celia out of hiding. Meanwhile, a Maryland detective uncovers a frightening, destructive, and wide-reaching spiritual agenda, and tries to discover how Celia is connected to it.

Paperback, eBook
Releasing in October 2017
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Nathan's Fate, a new Christian historical novel by Terra Lynee
While fighting for the Union, a soldier has to choose between life with his fiancée, Lydia, and saving fellow soldiers on the battlefield. His choice changes his path and his love’s future.

The book’s setting moves between two periods of war: the Civil War and the War in the Middle East, yet it is more a tale of love than of conflict. Lydia’s life is linked to that of her descendants through a Bible and through her practice of putting her prayers into writing. Nathan and Lydia are a Civil War couple connected to a modern-day couple—Sara and Dillon.

Sara is descended from Lydia, while Nathan and Dillon are united by the women they adore and their service as soldiers.

Paperback, eBook
Available Now!

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Daniel and the Triune Quest, a new Christian supernatural fantasy novel by Nathan Lumbatis
Upcoming Release - Daniel and the Triune Quest
The past year of Daniel’s life has been anything but normal. Adoption by his Heavenly Father? Check. Become the Vessel for the mystical Sun Sword? Check. Charged with a quest to fight the source of all evil? Check. Now it’s his best friend Ben’s turn to become the Vessel for the Triune Shield, and Daniel’s ready to lead the charge on another adventure. But, they only have three days to find the shield before the Enemy catches up, and obtaining it will require the last thing either of the boys is ready for: self-sacrifice. They’ll need a miracle if they hope to survive.

Daniel and the Triune Quest is a young adult/Christian fantasy exploring redemption through Christ’s sacrifice, adoption into God’s family, and eschatology.It is the second of the Sons and Daughters series, which includes Daniel and the Sun Sword.

Paperback, eBook
Releasing in September 2017

Amish Park, a new Christian novel by Thomas NyeUpcoming Release - Amish Park

Pete Heller and his wife Lisa are successful in their careers but have failed in love and marriage. Their oldest daughter, Carrie, is sixteen and has already succumbed to a bitter heart, a byproduct of a dysfunctional family. Ten-year-old Natalie is the only family member that hasn’t “fallen” from innocence and she has one last hope to rescue her loved ones from the dark direction they are headed, a broken home. A theme park, called Amish Park, that her friend’s family visited and loved, seems like the solution to her.

Amish Park is a paid tourist destination that offers modern families an opportunity to “live” the Amish lifestyle for one week. Pete and Lisa reluctantly agree to visit, both thinking that this would be their last family vacation together. They had no idea that God had other plans.

Paperback, eBook
Releasing in October 2017