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The Christian living books featured on this page range from family and life lessons, to building a relationship with God, to finding the spouse that God intends for you. More releases are on the way, so be sure to join our mailing list for new release announcements.

Perfect Love: The Path to Glory

The eternal beauty of growing in the love of God.

Fresh Fruit: Meditations on the Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Fresh Fruit shows how the Holy Spirit gives help and encouragement as we face everyday problems.

Living by Grace: Twelve Reflections from the Book of Galatians

“Am I really saved?” This book will help you to answer that question and more.

A Christian Book: How To Find God When You've Looked Everywhere

A uniquely different way to become connected with God.

Cancer: Don't Drop the Mic! by William Bartlett

A cancer patient shares how he copes with this disease and the ongoing treatment.

Equipping Your Church to Minister to Ex-Offenders

This informative manual will help you start and maintain a ministry to ex-prisoners.

Help! My Loved One is in Prison

This book is for those who want to help their imprisoned loved ones upon release.

Laverne Brewster

I've Been Raped by a Church: A frank look at spiritual abuse

The author of this controversial book takes a frank look at spiritual abuse in the church.

I Need A J-O-B! The Ex-Offender's Job Search Manual

As an ex-prisoner, finding a job is never easy. This book gives practical tips on enhancing your success.

Wallflowers in the Kingdom: A Vindication of Introverts in the Church

The church today is largely extroverted. This book will help Christian introverts cope.

More Than a Great Partner

How to Find and Keep the Right Mate

In this book, the author shares how he was successful at finding and keeping love.

Faith Family Life by Marlan Cannon

This author shares lessons as to how his life was deeply and profoundly affected by his God-fearing family.

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