Recognizing God's Fingerprints

Miracles of Rescue, Reset and Rejoicing

Recognizing God's Fingerprints

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: REL012170 RELIGION / Christian Living / Personal Memoirs

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: 9781957497280
Pages: 200
Language: English

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About this Book

Recognizing God’s Fingerprints: Miracles of Rescue, Reset and Rejoicing is a collection of miraculous moments in the author’s life, when it was obvious that God intervened to rescue, reset, or simply pour out blessings on her life.

It is often only in hindsight that we see God’s fingerprints on our life story. The book not only shares some of the wonderful things that God has done in her life, but also invites the reader to recognize their own miracle stories. It is an inspiring read that will deepen your faith, increase your hope, and release a spirit-lifting joy that will come by realizing that amidst the seemingly random circumstances you find yourself in, that God indeed has a plan for your life, and for the world as well.

In the author’s words: “This book is like a spiritual charm bracelet for me; each testimony commemorating a special moment where I knew beyond all doubt that God intervened in my life when I most needed Him to. Perhaps a miracle, or a miraculous moment, is one of the most natural of all of life’s moments.”