A Debt to Pay

A Christian Historical Fiction novel

By Alexandra Miller
A Debt to Pay, a Christian historical fiction novel by Alexandra Miller

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: FICTION / Christian / Historical

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: 9781957497310
Pages: 378
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About this Book

In the waning years of the nineteenth century, Claire and Maggie, discontented with their roles in a Chicago saloon, stumble upon an unexpected opportunity. Fate grants them the keys to a jewelry shop, propelling them into a daring decision—to liberate the store of its wealth and embark on a westward journey for a fresh start.

Their transient plans take an unforeseen turn during an overnight stop in Millcreek, Missouri. Claire, repeatedly crossing paths with the esteemed ranch owner, Will Carter, becomes entangled in unexpected connections. Meanwhile, Maggie becomes the nanny for the attractive widowed Reverend Myles.

Despite the carefully crafted facade concealing their past, Claire and Maggie realize that maintaining the illusion becomes increasingly complex. As they strive to build new lives, unforeseen challenges—a destructive fire, a corrupt sheriff, and the specter of blackmail—threaten to unravel the progress they so diligently pursue.

A Debt to Pay unfolds as a historical romance, a tapestry of fiction interwoven with themes of redemption and the transformative power of embracing a relationship with Jesus Christ. In the backdrop of a changing era, Claire and Maggie grapple with the consequences of their impulsive choices, striving for a chance at a brighter future amid the complexities of their intertwined destinies.