Christian fiction from Dove Christian publishers

Each of our Christian fiction selections expounds and illustrates a Christian world view in its plot, its characters, or both, dealing with everyday themes in a positive way. Our selections include novels in the suspense, fantasy, urban, historical and romance genres. These are novels that are written to enlighten and encourage, as well as entertain.

Following are the Christian fiction novels available from Dove Christian Publishers. There are more titles on the way, so bookmark this page and check it often, or like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter. Also, check out our upcoming titles.

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New Christian Fiction Books Currently Available

Godslaughter, a Christian suspense novel by Louis N. Jones
A woman flees for her life after she is targeted by a assailant who is linked to an earlier attempt to kill a D.C. pastor.

Contemporary Suspense
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Elephant in the Room, a Christian novel by Kristen Harper

Eat too much this Thanskgiving?  This new novel examines an issue that you were likely never taught about in church.

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Amish Park, a Christian novel by Thomas Nye

As a final effort to save their crumbling marriage, a couple and their children take a vacation to an Amish tourist site.

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Daniel and the Triune Quest, a Christian young adult fantasy novel by Nathan Lumbatis

Daniel and his buddy, Ben, face perilous battles and creatures unlike any they have ever imagined.

Young Adult Fantasy
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Crossing Boarders: A Christian Fiction Book

A young woman and her prized show horse find new adventures during equestrian training in Canada.


A lonely woman meets the man of her dreams, but on the heels of this blessing comes a dire challenge she had not counted on.

Contemporary Romance

The Colors Will Change
A Haitian woman, forced into prostitution in order to survive, finds an unlikely and timely friend in a visiting U.S. senator.

Contemporary Suspense
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Prodigal in the City
The redemptive spirit reigns in this debut novel about a man whose past unwittingly and harrowingly catches up to him.

Urban Suspense

Adverse Possession
In this suspense novel, a dream home in a tony D.C. suburb turns into a nightmare for a pastor and his family.

Contemporary Suspense

The Word Changers

A mysterious book in a library transports a girl to a fantasy kingdom in which the characters serve the plot of the book.

The Beauty of Summer: Christian Romance Fiction

A Brazilian woman loses her boyfriend to another woman, then risks her faith, her dignity, and her life to get him back.

Contemporary Romance
Brothers-in-Arms, A World War II Suspense Novel

Two unlikely friends find their friendship and faith challenged in Nazi Germany during World War 2.

Historical Suspense 
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The Color of Redemption: A Christian Fiction Novel about Racism

After a horrible life-changing event, a woman is challenged to reconcile her views on race with her faith

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No Longer a Daddy's Girl: A Christian Short Story

She loved her dad dearly. Then, she became an adult and decided to defy him; a decision she would learn from or live to regret.

Inspirational Short
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Nathan's Fate, a Christian historical novel by Terra Lynee

Several generations linked by a Bible and a courageous woman as her beau goes off to fight in the Civil War.

Historical Romance
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Where is Heaven? A children's book by L.M. Henderson

Explaining Heaven to kids is fun and easy thanks to this new children's book that features the curious bear Toodles and her family.

Children's Fiction

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