He Did It For Me

An Account of a Woman's Journey from Hard Times to Healing

By Marie Abruzzo
He Did It For Me, An account of a woman's perilous journey to faith by Marie Abruzzo

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: 9781957497396
Pages: 190

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About this Book

In this captivating memoir, a baby-boomer Italian-American New Yorker bravely shares the story of her tumultuous life and her transformative relationship with Jesus. Why should you care? Because her journey is a mirror reflecting the struggles and triumphs many of us face when life seems directionless and overwhelming. 

Marie’s life is filled with challenges that will resonate with anyone grappling with uncertainty and despair. From intense personal trials to moments of deep vulnerability, her account is a testament to the human spirit's resilience. Her experiences are not of a seamless, unwavering faith journey but of a path marked by doubt, insecurity, and temptation. Through these honest and raw moments, the steadfast love of Jesus Christ shines through, offering hope and solace.

This book is not a tale of a perfect Christian life but a real, relatable account of finding faith amid chaos. Marie's story demonstrates that God's love is unwavering, embracing us with all our flaws and imperfections. Her intent is clear: to show readers that they are loved by God just as much as she is, despite their struggles. 

If you find yourself battling depression, substance abuse, health issues, or family drama, this memoir may not provide all the answers. However, it will guide you toward the One who holds the answers. Through Marie's candid reflections and powerful testimony, you will be inspired to seek a deeper connection with Jesus and find the strength to rewrite your own story. Let her journey be a beacon of hope and faith in your own life.