Lessons from Life after Kindergarten

Distraction, Confusion, and the American Dream


Lessons from Life after Kindergarten

: Religion, Christian Living, Social Issues

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About this Book

Modern generations, particularly generations, X,Y, and Z, live with increasing rates of anxiety, depression, suicide, substance-abuse, and relationship dysfunction. What is causing this angst? What is the solution? Is the American dream on life support?

The American dream is a group of ideals and goals, which are born from the freedom of living in a republic. Distractions take our focus from our ideals and goals and puts it on something else. Something else is often a stressful event. These events prevent realization of our dreams by generating thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that shut out successful living. Suddenly we find our lives filled with relationship conflict and other forms of chaos. The American dream and chaos are mortal enemies. Chaos derails the process of reaching your dreams.

Lessons from Life after Kindergarten examines the issues producing distracted living. The author weaves together stories from the Bible, US history, his psychiatric practice, his life, and current events to illustrate the problem. Each story helps the reader understand how decisions from distracted living always produce an unfavorable outcome. Some questions begging for answers:

• Who am I?
• How did I get to be the person I see when looking in the mirror?
• What is psychotherapy? Will it help me change attributes I don’t like about myself?
• What are the processes preventing my finding satisfaction and contentment in life?
• Is my use of social media hindering genuine relationships?
• How does spirituality influence my decision making process?
• How to assess my worldview; is it assisting or blocking me from achieving my dreams?

Exploring these and other factors is your first step on the path to realizing the American Dream.


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About the Author

Terry Trudel, Author
While Dr. Trudel was working as a surgical assistant in undergraduate school one of the nursing staff asked this question. Why do you want to go into psychiatry? Answer: “I like people,” and “The mind and soul are exponentially more fascinating and complicated than any other branch of science.”

Since that time Dr. Trudel has completed his B.Sc. majoring in biology, psychology, and chemistry, an M.D. degree, one year of graduate work in clinical psychology, and residency training in psychiatry. His practice experience includes one year of tropical medicine in Papua New Guinea, one year of emergency room medicine, 2 years of family practice, and 40 years in the field of behavioral science.

During five decades, Dr. Trudel has observed this: the mind of man abhors a vacuum. What people put into their minds and the influence it has on their perceptions is fascinating, illuminating, and more complicated than expected.

Recent Feedback

Dr. Trudel, I am so grateful for our meeting and I want to thank you for your book. It helped me recognize that I have been trying for a long time to futilely practice “spiritual warfare” on my own. I have not developed a dependent and faithful relationship with Jesus because of trust issues I have not resolved. I’m not sure how I will resolve them but this was a big wake-up call in my life to a very fundamental spiritual issue. Thank you so much and I hope this feedback finds you well. - J. Swanson

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