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The authors of the following books talk frankly about their lives and share how they have overcome significant challenges through their faith in God. Their stories will inspire your own walk with Christ and bring fresh meaning to the verse, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13).

No Room to Quit by Jill Paulsen & Joyce Schlehuber

No Room to Quit

Jill Paulsen and Joyce Schlehuber

Learn More About No Room to Quit
Days of Elijah by Matthew Partain

Days of Elijah

Matthew Partain

Learn More About Days of Elijah
Joy Formula by Inkang Kim,

Joy Formula

Inkang Kim

Learn More About Joy Formula
Consequences of Divorce: Christian non-fiction by Barbara White Hege

Consequences of Divorce

Barbara White Hege

Learn More About Consequences of Divorce
Cancer: Don't Drop the Mic! by William Bartlett

Cancer: Don't Drop the Mic!

William Bartlett

Learn More About Cancer: Don't Drop the Mic!
The Miracle of the Hermit Crab by Dwight Alexander

The Miracle of the Hermit Crab

Dwight Alexander

Learn More About The Miracle of the Hermit Crab
My Path to Praise: A Private Journey from Hell by Rosalind Smith

My Path to Praise

Rosalind Smith

Learn More About My Path to Praise
Grace and Mercy: An Ex-Offender's Path to Redemption by Wesley Smith

Grace and Mercy

Wesley Smith

Learn More About Grace and Mercy
Be inspired and encouraged by Faith Family Life

Faith Family Life

Marlan Cannon

Learn More About More Faith Family Life
I've Been Raped by a Church

I've Been Raped by a Church

Vicky Lynch

Learn More About I've Been Raped by a Church
Gloria's Road: A Schizophrenic Woman's Perilous Path to Christ

Gloria's Road

Gloria Lovejoy

Learn More About Gloria's Road
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