The Miracle of the Hermit Crab

The miracle given by Jesus to a young boy with cerebral palsy

The Miracle of the Hermit Crab: The miracle given by Jesus to a young boy stricken with cerebral palsy

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About the Author

Author Dwight Alexander Dwight G. Alexander is the father of Anzic Kochi Rtitong Alexander, his youngest son and the subject of this book. Born in Palau, he attended a Christian high school and a Christian college before taking on several positions in the Palau government
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About this Book

The Miracle of the Hermit Crab is a story about God demonstrating his love, care, and plan through the life of a young disabled boy named Anzic Alexander.

Anzic has cerebral palsy and has already had five major surgeries. He is only eleven years old. God has showed his love and care to all of us as we are all in need before him. This powerful memoir shows the different miracles God performed to touch and help not only Anzic, but many people who know Anzic and became a part of his life, convincing them that God is in control.

This book will be a blessing to parents and siblings of people with disabilities.