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Statistics indicate that 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States will eventually divorce. Divorce takes a toll on the entire family, but especially the children left without either a full-time Mom or Dad. Consequences of Divorce introduces the reader to a woman whose father, while she was just a child, engaged in an eleven-year extramarital affair that eventually resulted in a divorce from his wife. Although some children of divorce experience depression, anger, confusion, lower grades in school, drug and alcohol abuse, unstable relationships, and even suicide, Barbara White Hege's story is not one of unmet challenges. In fact, she endured sadness and trauma throughout the rest of her life, but she did not live by it. Her faith in God and God's unwavering faithfulness to her turned what could have been a tragic story into a song of victory and hope.

In her poignant memoir, Barbara Hege discusses her feelings about "the other woman" in her dad's life. She recounts how her mother reacted to the affair, and laments over an inheritance that should have been hers. The lessons she learns and how God causes her to "grow in grace," despite the difficulties, will inspire you. If you are a child of divorce, this book will be a life changer; the author aptly shows that coming from a broken home doesn't mean one has to be broken.

Consequences of Divorce
BISAC Category: RELIGION / Christian Living / Family & Relationships

How God helped a woman endure the breakup of her parents

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Surviving the breakup of parents