Days of Elijah

A Father's Journey with his Special Needs Son

By Matthew Partain
Days of Elijah: A Father's Journey with his Special Needs Son

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: RELIGION / Christian Living / Death, Grief, Bereavement

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About this Book

Matthew Partain wanted a son, someone to carry on the family name, to be as good of a man as his father and grandfather. He desired to pass down the same love to his son that he had received from his parents. Little did he know the extent he would have to do just that.

His first child, Maddie, is a girl, whom he and his wife adore. However, the second child was a boy. Matt had high hopes for his relationship with his son—working on cars, playing sports, and other things that fathers dream of for their sons. But that dream disappeared when it became apparent that his son, Elijah, would not be a normal child.

Days of Elijah is Matthew Partain’s account of Elijah Partain’s two short years on this earth and his struggle to trust God during that time and in the days that followed. The reader is allowed an unbridled look into Matt’s heart as he experienced the joys of being a father to a long-awaited son. He keeps that same clarity while writing about the darkest parts of the journey to accept a special needs son and then give that son back to the Lord.

In essence, it is a love story—a story of a father’s love for his son and family, of God’s love for his people, and of the love of God’s people as they embrace the family during difficult times. You will find inspiration within these pages as you read and identify with this family’s story and discover and experience God’s love and will for yourself, especially in tough times.