When God Calls

A Collection of Life-Changing Experiences Led by God

When God Calls

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: REL012120 RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth

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: 9781957497181
Pages: 188
Language: English
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About this Book

Have you ever:
• Felt guided by God?
• Wished you could experience God’s guidance?
• Been curious about what other’s experience with God?
• Felt undeserving of God’s love?
• Wondered what God can do in your life?
• Doubted that it was even possible to receive guidance, instructions or messages from God?
• Thought only crazy people hear God?
• Wondered “Is it God or my own intuition?”
• Thought “Oh, it’s just a coincidence”?

If you answered yes or maybe to any of these questions, this book is for you! Get perspectives on common questions:
• What is a calling?
• Why would God guide me?
• Is it really God?
• How can I be more receptive?

“When God Calls” is for all belief levels including the curious. It contains 20 true stories shared by 13 authors from varied backgrounds, lifestyles, professions, and locations. Many are not writers. They are everyday people that have one commonality: the passion to share how God transformed their worlds! They believe God guided them to do something unexpected, confusing, gutsy, or scary. The stories are intense, life threatening, fun, heartfelt, and adventurous. Witness the confusion, fear, doubt, shame, unworthiness, excitement, and trust as you watch God’s miracles unfold.

Discover the many ways God moves through us. Reduce apprehension, doubt, and fear to confidently trust and surrender to God. Experience biblical scripture that pulls it all together showing that God wants us to release control and follow his guidance.