The Spinning Mind of a Volunteer Youth Leader

Adventures, Stories, and Challenges of Youth Ministry

The Spinning Mind of a Volunteer Youth Leader

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: 9781957497303
Pages: 136
Language: English

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About this Book

Within the pages of 'The Spinning Mind of a Volunteer Youth Leader,' Sarah Coombs invites you into her world—an immersive journey spanning two decades in the realm of youth ministry. This book is a tapestry woven with her adventures, unique tales, trials, and the profound lessons she’s gleaned along the way.

It is her fervent hope and prayer that the divine tapestry of her ministry experiences will serve as a wellspring of inspiration and motivation for all those who share a deep affection for youth ministry and a profound passion for the well-being of teenagers. Her story unfolds from a transformative moment in a high school library, where she first felt the call to youth ministry, to the heartwarming transformation of a family farm into a sanctuary for countless young souls.

Each chapter is a treasure trove of inspirational anecdotes and invaluable life lessons, illuminating the intricate tapestry of Sarah’s journey. As you delve into her narrative, you'll discern the unmistakable hand of God, shaping and guiding every adventure and challenge she encountered as a youth leader.

This book isn't merely a reflection of Sarah’s own experiences; it's a testament to the incredible impact that youth ministry can have on young lives. It serves as a beacon of hope and encouragement for those who aspire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the students they dedicate themselves to. Join her in this transformative exploration of faith, mentorship, and the enduring power of a dedicated heart.


The Spinning Mind of a Volunteer Youth Leader is a fun look behind the curtain into the world of leading student ministries. Sarah’s vulnerability and transparency from her experience will be an encouragement to youth workers in any context. Her openness into her own struggles, doubts and highlights in ministry are deeply relatable. From her initial calling to faithfully serving, to experiencing the challenge of surrendering a student ministry, it is great to walk alongside Sarah’s journey through her writing.
Pastor Wayne Giroux, Director of Student Ministries,Western Ontario District PAOC

The Spinning Mind of a Volunteer Youth Leader by Sarah Jane Coombs reveals the investment, sacrifice and dedication needed to develop an effective ministry that will touch young hearts and change lives forever. Part memoir and part handbook, The Spinning Mind of a Volunteer Youth Leader is full of funny and touching moments gleaned from years of experience that will inspire youth leaders everywhere.
Susan Reimer, Author of the Forged in Flames Trilogy, Penelope, Letters in the Woods, and Strawberry Tea.

The Spinning Mind of a Volunteer Youth Leader is a book that will inspire anyone from the seasoned ministry leader to those who are just getting started. The author Sarah Coombs shares her incredible passion to serve and be used by God; not just in extraordinary ways but in the everyday lives of those around her. As someone who has worked with youth and children, the stories that are shared are easy to relate to; it is encouraging to see the difference that one caring, loving person can make. Leaving you with the knowledge that God desires us to step out in faith to where He is leading. Sarah Burt, Family Ministries Director, Clearview Community Church