From Comfort Zone to Trust Zone

How Jesus Urges Us to Take Leaps of Faith for His Kingdom

From Comfort Zone to Trust Zone

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: 9781957497341
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About this Book

The innate human longing for comfort is undeniable. However, Jesus challenges us to step beyond the boundaries of our comfort zones and venture into the profound realm of faith, aptly described as trust zones by Cecil Taylor. These are the spaces where we dare to take risks in service of Christ's Kingdom. In this enlightening exploration of the Bible, Cecil Taylor delves into 12 narratives of Jesus encouraging individuals to forsake their comfort zones in favor of trust zones. Through insightful interpretation, he unveils the valuable lessons these stories impart for contemporary followers of Jesus.

About Author Cecil Taylor

Cecil Taylor, Author

Reviews of From Comfort Zone to Trust Zone

Cecil is a very relatable, brilliant author. He has a way of applying the principles of the Bible to help us grow in Christ.

Once again, Cecil Taylor has written a book that is relatable and timely. From Comfort Zone to Trust Zone is a fantastic way of challenging believers to do more. It inspires you to get up and do what God has designed you to do, encouraging you to move forward.

The number one question flowing throughout this book is, “Are you ready to move from being in control to letting God control?”

Cecil uses his and others’ experiences to inspire you to be a risk-taker. He encourages not letting your fears, despairs, insecurities stop you from trusting in God and His plan for you.

Each chapter contains a study of the two zones. Cecil presents strategies for entering the Trust zone and highlights their importance. In addition, he offers chapter summaries for your reflection.

I recommend this book for believers wanting more from life than just surviving. This book will direct you to the zone for abundant living.

- Lyvita Brooks, “Hanging Out with Jesus” podcaster and author of Nuggets for Thought: A Mother and Daughter's Collection of Poems, Reflections, and Flash Fiction About the Life They See

Cecil Taylor's new book, From Comfort Zone to Trust Zone, opened my eyes to a new way of looking at why we do some of the things we do, not only unbelievers but Christians as well.

I have always enjoyed my comfort zone but now can see that it might not always be what God wants for me.

I highly recommend this book. It will not only inform you but will create in you a desire to learn to trust God more.

This book is fabulous at teaching us how to take those giant leaps of faith that are so hard. From Comfort Zone to Trust Zone will challenge you and increase your faith in our mighty God.

- Jennifer Chamberlain, author of Christianity Unraveled: Unpacking the Essentials of Salvation