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Dana has lived her whole life for this moment. It is her chance to shine and break through to the demanding equine world that is only attainable to the extremely wealthy or incredibly lucky. Knowing that it is now or never, Dana finds the courage to travel with her horse Indie to a foreign country (as foreign as Canada can be) to train with Olympic rider, Amy Arnot.

Trying her best to leave her judgmental sarcasm at home, Dana quickly becomes the resident superstar over all the other riders at the farm. Determined to stick to God's plan and not get a big head in the process, Dana finds herself in the good graces of fellow equine royalty. She also finds herself in the good graces of one particularly handsome barn manager, destined to keep her safe from an unfolding scandal.

Crossing Boarders, a Christian novel featuring the world of equestrian sport
BISAC Category: FIC042000 Fiction/ Christian/ General

A Christian Novel featuring the world of equestrian sport

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ISBN: 9780990397946
Pages: 159
Language: English
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Language: English
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“You certainly aren’t going to be making this escapade easy for yourself coming in here with a horse like that,” he continued with no humor found in his voice.
“What do you mean?” I asked just as quietly. Was it Edward’s captivating eyes staring so intently at my soul or was it that threat that worried me?
Edward walked away and threw me one last piece of advice before taking his eyes off me. “You best be careful. And watch your back.”
By Debra Sue Brice
About the Author

Author Debra Sue BriceI have been writing for the pure joy of putting pen to paper since I was a little girl. My life is one story after another, and the best way to remember it all is to bring it to life through my fictional characters. I am the proud owner of two wonderful horses, Bellatrix and Jordan, who will not only take me further in my dressage career, but will also be the inspiration of many books to come!

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USA Reba Book AwardReaders favorirte Award 2016