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More Than a Great Partner

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Why do so many people struggle with finding the love of their lives? It is because human beings are not qualified to find the right mate unassisted. How could anyone find the best match without fully knowing in advance the outcome of every possible relationship?

More Than a Great Partner (How to Find and Keep the Right Mate) demonstrates that finding the right mate is the only assurance of being successful in marriage and that, despite the prevailing wisdom, there is no shortage of good mates. It challenges the notion that being wealthy, educated or beautiful makes someone an ideal partner and instead focuses on the inner qualities that both partners must bring in the relationship to make it work; thus, showing the importance of becoming someone’s right mate as a prerequisite to finding the right spouse.

More Than a Great Partner is not just another book about meeting a “great” partner through smart dating, but one that guides the reader step-by-step through the tricky adventure of finding his or her God-given mate.

"This is a must read book for those seeking to find and keep a mate "God's way." It is also a book that those involved in providing premarital and marital counseling will recommend as a "must read." Rev. Bill Roberts, Senior Pastor, Christ Chapel and Executive Presbyter, Potomac District Council of the Assemblies of God.
More Than a Great Partner, a Book on finding the right mate, by Kleber Mbenoun, MD
BISAC Category: Christian Love/Marriage

How to Find and Keep the Right Mate

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If you are looking for a special someone and are tired of struggling to find a husband or wife?
Is Christian dating not working for you? Are you ready to achieve success in your search for a proper mate?
By Kleber Mbenoun, M.D.
About the Author

After becoming a committed Christian, Kleber Mbenoun waited in chastity for five years until he met the woman who would become his wife. That spiritual experience taught him the principles to help find the right mate.
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