Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds, a Christian fiction novellete

By Simon Jonah Thomas
Storm Clouds, a Christian fiction novellete by Simon Jonah Thomas

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Thaddeus Lewis, the senior pastor of Greater Missionary Baptist Church, finds himself at a crossroads. He grapples with the direction he must take. The Holy Spirit is speaking to him. Will he listen to the Spirit’s gentle urgings on his heart, or will he succumb to the pressures to be more carnal than spiritual?

The issues Pastor Lewis faces and the decisions he must make will affect his life and his ministry. It will change how he relates to his congregants, possibly cause a fissure in the church, and touch the core of his relationship with God. He stands to lose a lot. A couple of influential ministers, who have taught and mentored Pastor Lewis, are pushing him in one direction. Members of his congregation are meeting about the changes they sense in their pastor. A deacon is opposing him at every turn. And he and his wife are moving into a season of their lives where the threat of losing his church will cause great strain on them. A storm is brewing. Will Pastor Lewis and his wife come out of it unscathed?

Storm Clouds is the Christian fiction sequel to the novel I Wish I Had A Praying Church. This novelette is the continuation of what happens when the Holy Spirit challenges a pastor on whether his relationship with the Lord is genuine. It is a timely and relevant work. The story’s themes of church politics, peer pressure, intellectualism versus the Spirit, and the creeping of worldly values into the Church, are very real and palpable issues in many churches today. It is a call for Christian readers to honestly evaluate whether they are following someone who may not genuinely believe in the Christ of the Gospels, and they are led to examine what being a believer truly means.
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