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How To Find God details a uniquely different way to become connected with God, to abide with God, and to walk with God. It is about salvation and sanctification. It is about becoming one with our Lord. It is about Holiness. None of the other countless volumes that have been written about these subjects are like this. We must be in Christ and have Christ in us personally. It downplays religion in our lives and concentrates on the power of the Gospel within us and our relationship with Jesus.

We do not change through behavior modification. Praying earnestly for willpower will not make us holy. The Holy Spirit must change our hearts. This message focuses on Christ in us, the hope of glory. This is the power for change. This book helps the reader to understand the three relationships that God wants with us: the saving relationship, the abiding relationship, and the cleansing relationship. It relates how our knowledge and growth with our Lord is based on back-and-forth communication through the Holy Spirit. Our Lord does not use a magic wand to change us and to restore our souls. He must have our participation. As we take part, we will become one with him. It is not a theological study; it is a book for the heart and intended for those who truly desire a powerful and life-changing relationship with Jesus.

How To Find God
BISAC Category: RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth

Connecting With God, Abiding in God, Walking with God

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Buliding a life-changing relationship with Jesus