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Author J.G. Jakes J.G. Jakes, born and raised in South Georgia, discovered a burning desire to fulfill herself as a writer by always choosing plots involving moral conflict within her characters. She strongly feels that writing enthralling tales attuned to the heart about issues that divide us could inspire situations to unite us. She sums up by saying, “I write suspense novels because I believe that when a person is tried—morally, spiritually, mentally, or physically—their true character is revealed.”

As author of the “River’s Trilogy”, inclusive of The River’s Edge, The River Rages, and The River’s End, she continues to share her extraordinary stories of ordinary men and women confronting danger with grit and courage. Wings as Eagles, the fourth book she authored, expresses her desire to ignite hopefulness when all seems to fail. With her fifth book, I Rise, Jakes again shows the keen perception and sympathetic heart that have endeared her to readers.

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Books by J.G. Jakes:  Broken Promises

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