Broken Promises

A Christian Southern Romance Novel

By J.G. Jakes
Broken Promises, a Christian romance novel by J.G. Jakes

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About the Author

Author J.G. JakesJ.G. Jakes, born and raised in South Georgia, discovered a burning desire to fulfill herself as a writer by always choosing plots involving moral conflict within her characters.
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: 9781732112575
Pages: 205
Language: English
Availability: Available Spring 2020!

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About this Book

Carrie Burns is an angry young woman. When her abusive mother passes away, Carrie leaves her Vermont home and its sad memories. She has recently discovered she had been adopted by the woman who had made her life miserable, and she decides to find her biological family. Her quest takes her from the Vermont hills to the beaches of Tybee Island off the Georgia coast. In Tybee’s “flip-flop” community, Carrie finds new friends and a job managing a local restaurant.

The beach becomes Carrie’s happy place. Her management talent enhances the restaurant’s reputation. She becomes fond of Griffin, a local man, and the feelings are soon mutual. Still, Griffin is not honest with Carrie about himself, knowing that if she knew everything about him, she might change her feelings about him.

Meanwhile, a gang of thugs tries to rob the restaurant. Griffin scares the thugs off, but they shout a threat at Carrie as they peel out on their motorcycles. Shortly after that, a teenager is hit by a car on a busy street, and Griffin comforts and prays with him as his life ebbs away.

Carrie realizes Griffin has not been honest with her. How could he not tell her the truth? Though she loves Griffin, she plans to leave Tybee, but then, two of the thugs Griffin had scared away return, and they take her hostage.

Will Carrie escape her kidnappers? Will she find her birth family? Will she stay on Tybee Island or return to Vermont? How does Griffin fit into Carrie’s story?

Filled with local color, Broken Promises is a romance and an account of Carrie Burns’ quest for emotional and spiritual healing.

You have a gift for writing about real people, particularly Southerners, who face and surmount hardships with determination and good humor,” one reviewer has said. Readers agree. The stories of these good people await you in Broken Promises.