Your Love Has Shown Me God's Love

A Timmy Dennison Short Story

By Tom Beaudin
Your Love Has Shown Me God's Love, a Christian Fiction short story by Tom Beaudin

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About this Book

Timmy Dennison is a nine-year-old who is looking forward to celebrating his tenth birthday and finishing his fourth-grade year in school. Life is good. He has a wonderful close-knit family. His Dad teaches at the town’s middle school. His Mom is a homemaker who also volunteers at Timmy’s school, at their church, and in and around the community. Timmy’s older sister, Lindy, is a freshman in college, and his brother, Matt, is a junior in high school.

Timmy also enjoys a special relationship with his maternal grandparents, who live close by and with whom he spends a considerable amount of time.

When an unexpected tragedy strikes the family, Timmy’s world is shattered. It is only through the unconditional love from his family and the grace from a faithful and loving God that Timmy is able to re-build his world.
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: 9781735952987
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