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The Lord has led me through an interesting journey in my life. After being adopted by fundamental Christian parents at birth, I accepted Christ as my personal Savior at a Billy Graham Crusade at the age of thirteen. Later, after getting married to a great Christian man and being blessed with five boys and two girls, the Lord enabled me to become reconnected with my biological parents. My father's Italian side included four brothers, and my mother's Norwegian side consisted of the usual aunts, uncles and cousins. God allowed us to travel twice to Norway to spend time with them. We also visited my father's side of the family three times in Indiana.

Education has been an important component in my life. In high school the Lord enabled me to get very good marks. At graduation, I was awarded the English award for the highest four-year average in English in my class (praise God). Writing has been something that always come easy for me. I truly enjoy expressing what I believe the Lord wants me to say through the written word.

Praise the Lord, He fulfilled a desire in my heart to do mission work by allowing me to go on five mission trips to Jamaica, India, Haiti, South Korea, and Belize.

My seven children are all grown now and serving the Lord, praise God! We also have seven precocious grandchildren whom we love very much.

The desire of my heart is to lead as many people as possible to Jesus before He returns.

Books by Linda Henderson:  Where is Heaven?, a book which teaches children about heaven.

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