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Christian Fantasy Fiction

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Her parents’ marriage is falling apart. Fifteen-year-old Posy feels her life is falling apart with it. Posy retreats to an old library down the street, where she selects a mysterious book in a secluded corner and is magically drawn into its story.

Posy finds herself in a kingdom ruled by a cruel and manipulative king and queen who have attempted to usurp the role that belongs only to the Author of their story. With the princess having fled and the kingdom teetering toward rebellion, Posy is joined by Prince Kyran as they fight against their slavery to the Plot.

Posy and the prince search beyond the borders of the story for the runaway princess. They encounter mysterious places, horrifying monsters, and fierce battles. They make both friends and enemies as their journey leads them into many dangers. But some of the worst dangers, Posy soon finds, lie deep within her own heart. Will she be able to find the courage and forgiveness needed, not only to save the story, but to heal the heartache she knew in her own world?
The Word Changers, a novel in the genres of Christian Fiction and young adult fantasy fiction
BISAC Category: Fiction/ Christian/ Fantasy

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Author Ashlee Willis When Ashlee is not writing, she's walking in the woods, reading fairytales, haunting old book stores, or searching for bugs and frogs with her young son. She lives in the heart of Missouri with her husband, son, and cat.
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