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Pete Heller and his wife Lisa are successful in their careers but have failed in love and marriage. Their oldest daughter, Carrie, is sixteen and has already succumbed to a bitter heart, a byproduct of a dysfunctional family. Ten-year-old Natalie is the only family member that hasn’t “fallen” from innocence and she has one last hope to rescue her loved ones from the dark direction they are headed, a broken home. A theme park, called Amish Park, that her friend’s family visited and loved, seems like the solution to her. Amish Park is a paid tourist destination that offers modern families an opportunity to “live” the Amish lifestyle for one week. Pete and Lisa reluctantly agree to visit, both thinking that this would be their last family vacation together.

They had no idea that God had other plans.

Amish Park, a Christian fiction novel by Thomas Nye.
BISAC Category: Fiction/ Amish & Mennonite

Amish Contemporary Fiction

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ISBN: 9780998669014
Pages: 150
Language: English
Availability: Available September 30, 2017
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Language: English
Availability: Available September 30, 2017 
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      Pete looked at Lisa and tried to speak without yelling, “Listen, marriage counseling failed, and our divorce papers are filed. Why are we taking our daughters on a family vacation?”
     Lisa stopped putting on makeup for a moment and looked at her husband with disgust, the only expression he ever saw on her face. Lisa looked back into the mirror and said in her quiet, annoying way. “Just put up with your family for one more week."
About the Author

Author Thomas NyeThomas Nye, born in 1961, grew up reading anything he could find about horses and early American history. When he moved near an Amish community in Iowa, it was as if he had slipped into his favorite book. Thomas and Shari, his wife of 36 years, live on her family farm where they raised five children.
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