Living by Grace

Twelve Reflections from the Book of Galatians

Living by Grace: 12 Reflections from the Book of Galatians by Okezie Oforgbu

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Author Okezie Ofoegbu Okezie Ofoegbu is an entrepreneur, finance and investment professional who also serves as the Senior Leader of Grace Life Center, a church of the Charismatic Renewal Ministries North America.

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About this Book

Though the phrase “I am saved by grace,” as paraphrased from Ephesian 2:8, is a frequent mantra in Christian circles, it is just as frequently misunderstood. The tendency to add legalism to salvation can cause faith in Jesus Christ to read like a job description—if you don’t meet the listed qualifications, you cannot be saved. This can lead to self-condemnation and doubt and can cause you to ask the question, “Am I really saved?”

This book, Living by Grace, will not only help you to answer that question but will help you to live out the life you have received from the Lord by Grace. Many Christians know that they are saved by Grace, but they go back to the law to try to live AFTER being saved. This book shows how those who have been saved by Grace can also live daily by the same Grace that saved them rather than reverting to the law.

Paul the Apostle’s Letter to the Galatians focuses on justification by faith alone, apart from the works of the law of Moses. Author and pastor Okezie Ofoegbu provides twelve reflections on Galatians to help straying Christians get back on track to living in the freedom of God’s Grace. Living by Grace is certain to be a blessing to those who are caught up in the throes of legalism and living according to the law.