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We publish books that are compelling in their message of faith and/or lifestyle in Christ, well written, professionally edited, first-rate in physical presentation, and competitive in price. For this reason, Dove Christian Publishers is selective of the books we publish. We welcome first time authors. We are interested in publishing ONLY the following types of original titles (no reprints):

Nonfiction. We look for books that give practical and spiritual advice designed to help the reader grow closer in faith in the Lord and in worship, praise, discipleship, fellowship, prayer and/or fasting. This includes, but is not limited to, devotionals and Bible study guides, but no Bibles. No biographies, memoirs, or autobiographies. We also seek books that help the reader achieve a greater level of excellence in pastoral or lay ministry, including preaching, teaching, church administration, nonprofit administration, ministry resources, evangelism and compassionate outreach. We are especially interested in books that address the unique challenges of churches and ministries in inner-city/metropolitan areas.

Fiction. We seek books with compelling stories involving one or more characters facing life’s struggles and relying on their faith in the Lord to help them through. No horror. We will consider romances, fantasy, science fiction, children’s books, historical fiction, ethnic fiction, humorous fiction and suspense.

We will not consider for publication any book, regardless of genre, that:
1) Contains material that is objectionable to a general Christian audience. Books containing obscene language, graphic sex scenes or situations, or excessive violence will not be considered.
2) Books that contain views contrary to biblical principles, according to our interpretation, will also not be considered.
3) Contains slanderous or libelous content, even in fictional settings.
4) Contains less than 32,000 words, or 75 pages when printed (except children's books).
5) Books that have not been professionally edited.

Book Sizes. We offer book trim sizes in 5” x 8” softcover, 5.5” x 8.5” softcover and hardcover, and 6” x 9” softcover and hardcover.

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