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When a book is put on paper in a finished form (whether it is published or not), by law there is an implied copyright placed on the product. This means that no one else can reproduce your work or use it for financial gain without your permission. When we publish your work, you are essentially giving us an exclusive license to print, reproduce, market and sell your work for a particular period of time in paperback and e-Book formats. We retain no other rights. All other rights, including foreign rights, movie rights, magazine rights, audio rights, etc., belong to you. The legal copyright is in your name. For an extra fee, we can register the work in youir name at the US Copyright Office. This provides official record of the copyright and full protection in case someone reproduces your work without your permission and you decide to file a lawsuit for copyright infringement. While it is not necessary to register for a copyright in order to gain basic and immediate copyright protection, we do recommend it in order to ensure that you are fully protected.

For more information on copyright protection and your rights as it relates to book publishing, see this article on publishing rights and what they mean.
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