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The information below applies only to our Dove imprint. The royalty structure for our Inscript imprint is different. See Inscript Books for more information about the royalties for that imprint.
Dove Christian Publishers charges no upfront costs to the author for set-up, marketing, promotion, or distribution. However, we do charge for the following optional services:

1) Books ordered directly from us: We charge 55% of the retail price, plus shipping and handling.
2) Registration of copyright with US Copyright Office $35-45, depending on method of registration (see Copyright and Rights to Your Product).
3) Author changes to content or cover after book has been submitted for printing: $110.00. Using ISBN number other than the publisher’s: $500.00

We pay royalties to the author on the sales of all copies sold, except those orderd by the author directly from us. We pay 15 percent of the list price for each individual physical format book sold directly to a consumer or through our website, and 10 percent of the list price on any physical format book sold indirectly through distributors and resellers, such as Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and Barnes and Noble. For digital eBook editions, we pay 25% of the list price. We pay royalties on a quarterly basis once the total cumulative amount of your account exceeds $10.00. At this time, we do not offer advances.

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