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If you have a book that meets our publishing criteria, then Dove Christian Publishers welcomes the opportunity to review your book for potential publication. In order to consider your book for publication, we will need the following information:

1) A synopsis of the book in 350 words or less.
2) Author bio or resume specifying credentials and publications credits, if any.
3) Author name and e-mail address.
4) A complete table of contents (for non-fiction), plus estimated length of manuscript in words and pages.
5) The first fifty pages of your work. If the work is less than fifty pages, we will need the see the entire work.
6) A description of the target audience.
7) One page/paragraph on your book’s unique advantages. In other words, why would someone buy your book as opposed to other books like it on the shelf?
8) Your plan to market and promote your book.
9) Names of social media platforms on which you are active.

NOTE: Please do not send us any correspondence describing your book unless it contains all of the elements above. You should have already started to write the book and have at least four chapters completed before you approach us with a proposal.

We will not review nor respond to incomplete proposals. Please do not send complete manuscripts unless we request them. Please do not send artwork (if your book has illustrations or photos, we will revew them later). Simultaneous submissions are okay.

We accept proposals in electronic format via our online form only. No CD submissions. No postal mail submissions.

If you follow the directions above, your proposal will be given a fair and thorough review to determine if your book is well written, well presented and will garner attention in the Christian marketplace.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for a response on proposals. If the proposal is not accepted, we will send you an e-mail explaining why.

If the proposal meets the criteria and we are able to publish the book, you will be asked to sign a contract detailing the terms of the publishing arrangement, such as royalties paid, delivery of the finish product, marketing, etc. Once the contract is signed, Dove Publishers will await the delivery of the full book manuscript under the terms specified in the contract. Once the full  manuscript has been received, it will be reviewed to determine if it meets the requirements set forth in the contract. At that stage, we will work with you to make changes to the publication that are necessary so that it is ready for publishing. If the book is in order, it will go to the editing stage, the final process before the book is published. Dove Christian Publishers will determine an official publication date that the book will be made available to book distributors, online vendors and through Dove Christian Publishers' web site for sale to the general public. You will be paid a royalty for each sale in accordance with the contract.

Ready to get started?  Click here. Have more questions?  View our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us here.
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