Ya Gotta Outmaneuver 'Em

A Timmy Dennison Short Story

By Tom Beaudin
Ya Gotta Outmaneuver 'Em, a Christian Fiction short story by Tom Beaudin

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About this Book

Timmy Dennison is a ten-year-old fifth-grader at Wynhope Elementary School. When twins Jeff and Jess Billings move into town, their lives quickly become entwined with Timmy and his activities.

Mistaken identity, false accusation, unfounded anticipation, new friends, forgiveness, and angels are all bound together in just a few weeks of Timmy’s young life.

Fortunately, Timmy’s family, including his Gram, who lives just three houses away on the same street, is there to foster his faith and trust in God. Memories of his recently deceased Gramp offer young Timmy comfort and guidance as he negotiates the trials and tribulations of everyday living.

Along the way, Timmy makes a couple of assumptions that result in some huge mistakes. Thankfully he learns to let God arrange and re-arrange the puzzle pieces of his life.

Join him as he and a faithful God put into action Gramp’s favorite advice: “Ya gotta outmaneuver ‘em.”

This title is the third in the Timmy Dennison short story series, which also includes Timmy's Spiritual Christmas and Your Love Has Shown Me God's Love.

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: 9781957497129
Pages: 92
Language: English
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