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For an inspiring Christian fiction read, check out this edgy yet insightful romance novel by author Louis N. Jones.

Summer Maldonado is a gorgeous woman who has lived an enviable upper-middle class life as a drive-time jazz radio deejay and an executive at an upstart Richmond video production firm. Her boyfriend, Xavier, is the public relations manager at the local gas utility, one of Summer's contracts. He is handsome, well-paid, charismatic and debonair. Summer thinks she has found the perfect man, until he suddenly breaks up with her and starts dating her sexy and immoral co-worker.

Summer is distraught, confused and devastated. In response, she sets her eye on reclaiming her man, only to send her life into further turmoil when he gives her mixed signals about his affections for her, and when she tries desperately to rekindle the loving and wonderful moments they once had. He is the type of man many women would die for.

And Summer just might.

From Brazil, to Atlanta, Georgia, to Richmond, Virginia, to Martha's Vineyard, this romance novel follows Summer on a harrowing yet inspirational and crucial journey for love and intimacy.

The Beauty of Summer, a Christian romance novel by Louis N Jones
BISAC Category: Fiction/ Christian/ Romance

A Romance novel

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No, it was not a mistake, Summer thought. A good relationship cannot be made into a mistake just because another woman comes along. Xavier was not perfect, but he was the man for her. She knew that now. Without him, she had nothing.
By Louis Jones
About the Author

Author Louis N. JonesLouis N Jones is an author and publisher with over 22 years experience. Jones has worked with several publishing companies, using these opportunities to hone his writing and publishing experience.
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