The Beauty of Summer, a Christian Romance fiction Novel from author Louis N. Jones

Excerpt from The Beauty of Summer, a Christian romance novel

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    Xavier's marriage proposals were getting more ornate as time went on.
    Just two months before, on the fifteenth, Summer Maldonado came to work, sat at her desk, checked her emails, and found a new message from Xavier with a photo attached. The photo was taken of her on a recent romantic trip to the Bahamas. There she was, lying on Paradise Beach in a Caribbean blue one-piece, her perfectly manicured toes dug in the white sand, her natural long black hair pouring gracefully out of a wide-brimmed straw hat, her cinnamon-toned skin glistening in the mid-afternoon sun. The caption on the photo read: "You are the picture of perfection. Will you marry me?"
    One month before, also on the fifteenth, a bouquet of fifteen red roses in a tall crystal vase was waiting on her desk upon her return from lunch. The note on the flowers read: “Will you marry me, and let our relationship blossom like the petals of a rose?" The note gave Summer a mile-wide smile. Her boyfriend was corny but thoughtful and sweet.
    Summer would answer his last two proposals the same way she answered the eleven previous ones, all tendered on the fifteenth of the month. She would never explicitly tell him no, but always, "Ask me again next month." Xavier would be persistent enough to ask her every month, like clockwork, on the fifteenth.
    It was the fifteenth of the month again, and Xavier Williams had texted her earlier that morning to ask her to join him that evening at the Wild Ginger, an Asian restaurant on the western outskirts of Richmond. Read more.

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