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Gloria Lovejoy's memoir is an unabashed account of a troubled woman's life in small town Pennsylvania coping with family strife, drug abuse, alcoholism, promiscuity, and suicide attempts. Later came the paranoid delusions, voices, demonic apparitions and hallucinations that were the tell-tale signs of a diagnosed schizophrenic disorder. Many rejected her and stigmatized her as crazy. She spent years in therapy and in and out of mental institutions.

However, Gloria's Road demonstrates that the mentally ill are not without salvation, that schizophrenia is not outside of Christ's mercy and grace, and that the power of God can work despite a comprised mental state. This book offers evidence that the mentally ill have hope, and that through Christ, they can live fulfilling and fruitful lives.

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Gloria's Road: A Schizophrenic Woman's Perilous Path to Christ
BISAC Category: REL012110 RELIGION/ Christian Life/ Social Issues

A memoir of a Christian woman's struggle with schizoprenia.

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"Demons attacked my mind daily while I was at Harrisburg State Hospital. Unfortunately, I was too young in the faith to know what to do about them. I later learned from Chaplain Blackwell that I could take authority over the demons in the name of Jesus."
By Gloria Lovejoy
About the Author

Author Gloria Lovejoy (no photo available)Gloria Lovejoy is the author of the semi-autobiographical memoir, Gloria's Road: A Schizophrenic Woman's Perilous Path to Christ. This is her first published work. She resides with her husband J.J. in northern Pennsylvania.  Read More