Sifting Emory

A Contemporary Christian Novel

By S.D. Grice
Sifting Emory, a Christian Fiction novel by S.D. Grice

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: FICTION / Christian / Contemporary

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About this Book

Sexual impurity is an insidious and pervasive poison to our souls. Perhaps its most deeply rooted form is homosexuality. Unwanted same-sex attraction often stuns and alarms the unsuspecting at first but relentlessly endeavors to enslave the mind, deceive the heart, and entice the will.

In Sifting Emory, the delusion and power of homosexuality are defined and defeated. Emory’s story pulls back the curtain to reveal the spiritual battle behind her lesbian attractions. God allows Satan’s sifting attempts to steal her identity in Christ, corrupt her knowledge of truth, and destroy her fellowship with Him.

In the midst of her struggle, Emory encounters the shame-inducing judgment of Christians and the allure of an apostate church, which teaches God’s approval of “loving” homosexuality. As she continues to walk further away from God, it appears she is the prodigal who will not return home.

But God never gives up fighting for Emory and never stops pursuing her with His goodness.

The healing truths in this book are for everyone seeking freedom from same-sex attractions. Renewed purity is possible. Through God’s love, restoration awaits!

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