A Christian Contemporary Novel

By Jerry Zinn
Forgiveness, a Christian contemporary novel by Jerry Zinn

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Andrew Hilderbrand loses his parents in a tragic automobile accident in Atlanta while they were on an out-of-town business vacation trip. Shortly after, Andrew’s fiancée, Jennie Summers, reveals to Andrew that she is pregnant. The pregnancy violates conditions in their grandparents’ will and testament, stating that no beneficiary shall have children out of wedlock or participate in an abortion. To continue to be accepted by Andrew’s grandparents and the church community in their small California town, Andrew and Jennie attempt to cover up the pregnancy. Jennie takes an internship project seven hours away at a Baja, California marine laboratory, where she would remain in hiding until after her twin boys are born.

Would the cover-up work?

Not quite.

A devastating event sends the couple into a tailspin and could force them to reveal their deception. Would they risk being ostracized by their strict, influential grandparents and their moralistic Christian community? Moreover, how would this affect their faith and their relationship with God? Do the people in their lives have the capacity to forgive not only the sin but the cover-up?

The decisions they make and the steps they take will have a broad impact on their lives, the lives of their family members, and the wider church community. The suspense and humor in this powerful story will inspire you and cause you to reassess what are genuinely the limits of tolerance and grace.
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