A Winter Garden Blossom

A MIddle Grade Fiction Novel for Youth

By Douglas Lim
A Winter Garden Blossom, a novel for middle school youth by Douglas Lim

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: JUVENILE FICTION / Religious / Christian / Values and Virtues

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About this Book

Sydney is a middle schooler whose life has been on a whirlwind. For the past few years, she and her family had moved from city to city, apartment from apartment, school to school, never laying down roots, never staying at any one place for long. She made new friends and got acclimated to a new school, then had to say goodbye to them because of another unwanted move. How much Sydney hated moving so much! It was maddening being the new kid in school every time there was a move. She had lost hope her situation would ever change.

But now, a glimmer of hope. The days of packing and unpacking were over, and her family settled into a new town, with promises from her dad that their moving days were over. Finally! Sydney could leave the past behind. But not quite.

Her new days at Winter Garden Middle School bring with them a host of insecurities she wanted desperately to leave behind. Although she finds a good and faithful friend, the days at her new school are daunting and challenging. Is she pretty enough? How will she deal with the school bully who targets her? Should she go to the school dance? Will she overcome these internal and external conflicts to blossom into the person who God intended her to be?

A Winter Garden Blossom is an engaging story for middle school and early grade readers. Follow Sydney as she tries to develop the courage and inspiration to push past the obstacles in her life and attain the personal growth and spiritual transformation she wants.

About Author Douglas Lim

Douglas Lim, AuthorDouglas Lim and his wife, Cindy, make their home in California and have been married for over three decades. They are in the empty-nester chapter of their lives. Doug is a family-oriented Christian author and a freelance writer for several Christian websites and publications. He also teaches religious education, volunteers as a chaplain, and serves in various ministries. Doug has a degree in Philosophy and completed Master of Biblical Studies courses in theology and biblical principles. He is inspired by his family and treasures the everyday moments with them.

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