The Wealth of Families

Building, Preserving, and Transferring Wealth

By Jack Ellis, CPA, JD
The Wealth of Families: Building, Preserving, and Transferring Wealth

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This book is extremely well written on the financial topic of going from budgeting, saving, investing and how to do so using the Bible as a basis for making great financial decisions. The book is nonfiction and uses many of his clients’ examples to show how effective money management and budgeting will help individuals to reach their financial goals. It is a unique attempt to show how the Bible can be a strong basis for good financial decisions. The author’s wisdom from his experience on gaining wealth and using it according to God’s word is presented in a very easy to understand method. He has presented a number of easy-to-follow examples and does not talk down to the reader. I would put it on a must-read category for Bible believers. Five Stars.

Larry Lillback

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