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Studies have shown that getting an ex-offender a steady job reduces the likelihood that the ex-offender will return to prison. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done, as ex-offenders often have many roadblocks that make it difficult for even the most diligent and earnest job seekers to find a job. Many employers havre guarded attitudes toward formerly incarcerated persons, and some will outrtight never hired an ex-offender, believing that "once a criminal, always a criminal."
However, there are many ex-prisoners who truly want to do the right thing when they are released, and they just need for someone to give them a chance. However, in almost every case, the ex-prisoner needs to be prepared for the work world. The ex-offender who reads and studies this book will receive practical information that will help increase the odds of finding employment. Information about beating frustration, organizing for a job search, and even where to look for available positions will help the ex-offender overcome the obstacles to steady employment.

For more resources, see the companion books Help! My Loved One is in Prison, and Equipping Your Church to Minister to Ex-Offenders.

I Need a J-O-B! The Ex-Offender's Job Search Manual
BISAC Category: SEL031000 SELF-HELP/  Personal Growth/ General

A book designed to assist ex-offenders in their search for employment after prison

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"There is a fundamental public safety benefit in helping as many formerly incarcerated men and women get jobs as soon as possible upon release. Not only is it necessary for almost every release plan, but it is necessary for the public good. Think about it. If they don't get jobs to enable them to provide for themselves, what else do you think they are going to do?"
By Louis N. Jones
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Author Louis N. JonesLouis N Jones is an author and publisher with over 22 years experience. Jones has worked with several publishing companies, using these opportunities to hone his writing and publishing experience. Jones also has a strong knowledge of information technology and desktop publishing, and served 13 years as an IT consultant and engineer with the United States Postal Service.  Read More