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I've been Raped by a Church!

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Rape is a terrible violation of a person's body, security and peace of mind, and has been known to scar many victims for life. While the most prevalent meaning of rape is sexual assault, men and women who put their trust in churches and pastors, only to be spiritually violated, coerced and manipulated, are often just as scarred. They are deeply wounded and often find it difficult to place their trust in another pastor. Some stay away from church completely; others are so guarded that they are indifferent or even hostile to the word of God.

The church is supposed to be a safe place where people can find solace, peace, joy, comfort and fellowship. In her new book, Co-Pastor and Evangelist Vicky Lynch shares a shocking truth: not all churches are safe places, even for believers. Everyday people are being wounded by pastors who are supposed to be lovingly shepherding them, but instead are abusing and spiritually killing them. Some are so good at it that their people wonder if they are delusional or if the church is out-of-order.

Well, even Old Testament Scripture addresses these issues. This problem is not a new one, but it has always broken the heart of God, who wants pastors to reflect His unconditional love and help His people find their destinies. Vicky shares insights that will equip you to identify spiritual abuse and offers options on dealing with it. If you've been victimized by spiritual abuse, or you know someone who has, she offers hope and healing for you and others you know who struggle.

I've Been Raped by a Church: A Christian Recovery guide for those affected by church abuse
BISAC Category: SEL031000 SELF-HELP/ Personal Growth/ General

A Christian recovery guide for those suffering from church abuse

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Whom could I call? I’d been emotionally raped, but had no scars or anything that would show up on a rape kit. If I could, I would have called 911 and said:
“Please help me! I’ve been raped, and I need help now!”
It was a terrible shock to realize that my pastor had emotionally and spiritually raped me. I was stunned. I tried to understand what had happened.

By Vicky Lynch
About the Author

Author Vicky LynchVicky Elizabeth Lynch is the Co-Pastor of Christ’s International House Of Praise, located in Delaware, USA.  As an ordained leader, she writes about the current abuse taking place in the church and the need for healing.  She is a wife, mother, author, advisor, and entrepreneur. She believes in empowering individuals to become Kingdom-oriented and is known for her merry countenance.  Read More