Ever So New

Bringing Old Testament Situations to Modern-Day Relevance

Ever So New

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: REL012120 RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth

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About this Book

There is a familiar saying: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

There have been many changes in people and places, advances in technology and science, and the development of many faiths and religions since the Old Testament was penned. Yet as progressive as we have become, the characters and events of the Old Testament still hold a stunning relevance to modern life as we know it today. For this reason, the Old Testament cannot be dismissed but should be embraced and studied for its truths. When it comes to human behavior, we may think things have changed, but they really haven’t.

Based on familiar and not-so-familiar Old Testament accounts, Ever So New presents Bible events and characters with practical and real-life relevance. You will discover the beauty, tragedy, applicability, and, at times, humor to be found hidden in the often-neglected pages of the Old Testament. Each chapter deftly examines distinct accounts and is meant to strengthen our relationship with our Father, who loves and cares for His children.

Amazingly, there are still new lessons to be learned from the Old Testament. You will see your life in these pages, and you will find answers from the Bible for your situation.

Ever so relevant, ever so new.