Christianity Unraveled

Plain talk about the Basics of Salvation

Christianity Unraveled

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Author Jennifer Chamberlain Jennifer Chamberlain has a master’s degree in communications and is retired from a career in public affairs. She now divides her time between working on her books, speaking to Christian groups, and working with her husband in an outreach ministry.

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About this Book

Should worship in church be loud or quiet?
Is a woman really required to submit to her husband?
Does God want people to worship on Sundays or Saturdays?

Questions such as these are hotly debated in churches, on social media, and living rooms across the country. This pattern of infighting is so prevalent that it actually draws Christians away from the essentials of a relationship with Christ. In their desire to be relevant, trendy, or progressive, they rip up their foundations of salvation in Christ and wind up with an unsteady house.

Many of these arguments have nothing to do with salvation through Christ. Christianity Unraveled lays out what is necessary for salvation and what is not. Using unambiguous and plain language, some of the decisive church and religious issues are discussed. Many scriptures and the context of their origin in God's Word are included and explained. Part tutorial and part salvation message, Christianity Unraveled encourages the reader to focus on what is essential and to avoid vain babbling. The basis of the book are Matthew 11:28-30, where Christ tells us His burden is light, and 1 Timothy 6:20, where he is instructed to avoid irreverent babble and contradictions of what is falsely called "knowledge."

Christianity Unraveled will, as the title suggests, help you clear up the puzzling questions and focus on what’s important, your salvation and relationship with Christ.