After Death...Then What?

Are You Ready to Die?

After Death, Then What?

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About this Book

If the title of this book makes you uncomfortable, it is likely because you and others do not like to think about the inevitability of death. It is a can that we kick down the road as often as possible until we are lying on our deathbeds or die suddenly, and we and our families are not prepared. So, if your answer is no to the question posed by the subtitle of this book, “Are you Ready to Die?” this book is just for you.

Author and Pastor Wesley Smith has had to preside over the funerals of many people. While preparing for those funerals, he has experienced much chaos, fighting, and division among loved ones of the deceased. Disagreements about where the funeral will be held, who will officiate, whether to bury or cremate, and particularly money and estate conflicts abound and distract from this time where loved ones should be uniting to mourn and grieve the loss.

After Death…Then What? will help you get your house in order and prepare for your inevitable death while you are still alive. You will learn about wills, burial arrangements, and other matters relevant to death preparation. In addition, you will learn what the Bible says about life after death so that you are ready not only practically but spiritually. You will also be taken behind the curtain of seventeen different religions and their beliefs about life after death

After Death…Then What? Are You Prepared to Die? will encourage you to address the elephant in the room and create an atmosphere to openly discuss life after death.