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What is a beta reader?
A beta reader is a volunteer who agrees to read edited draft copies of ebooks pending publication by Dove Christian Publishers and provide feedback, critique or clarification on the content. It is important for feedback to be honest and direct; we are not looking for minced words or sugarcoating. Beta readers are not copy editors; you are not expected to examine the manuscript line by line and find errors. However, in the course of normal reading, if there are obvious grammatical, spelling, punctuation or capitalization errors, we’d appreciate knowing about them. Upon reading a manuscript, beta readers should keep in mind and answer the following questions:


And if beta readers want to go the extra mile, there are more specific optional questions below for both nonfiction and fiction:
Qualities we are looking for in beta readers:
Beta readers should be avid readers of books in Christian genres, either fiction or nonfiction. You should be able to read a book of 350 words or less in about two weeks. Readers should be able to give honest yet constructive feedback, critique, or clarification on the books they are reading. They should be able to receive materials via email and/or downloading from the Internet. You should be willing to check emails at least once a day for information from us. While beta readers are rewarded with free books to read, this is not a program for those who simply want free books. Readers must provide constructive feedback in order to be eligible to receive further books from us. Readers must keep the books they are issued confidential and not share the books with anyone outside of Dove Christian Publishers.

How are books delivered?
We deliver electronic copies of our books in PDF or Word format. Paperback versions are not available under the beta readers program; however, a reader who has successfully submitted feedback for a book can request a free final published paperback copy of the book.
What’s next?

Go to the below web page to submit your application for our beta reader program. We will review your application within 3-4 business days and let you know whether or not your application has been approved. Upon approval, readers will receive books that are closely aligned with your interests as expressed in the application.

Dove Christian Publishers Beta Reader Application

Further questions? Contact us at publishing at