Base Package Pricing

Tier 1 (includes paperback children's books and any other paperback books less than 33,000 words when in final form) $500.00
Tier 2 (paperback books between 33,000 and 96,000 words when in final form): $750.00
Tier 3 (paperback books greater than 96,000 words when in final form): $1000.00

Includes everything below:

Pricing for additional optional services not included in the base prices above: Other Charges:
None. Nada

Royalties are paid only for books that participate in our distribution program. Books ordered by authors are not eligible for royalties.

For Print Books:

We pay 35 percent of the list price for each print book sold directly to a consumer or through our website, and 10 percent of the list price on any print book sold indirectly through distributors and resellers, such as Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and Barnes and Noble.

For e-Books:
We pay 55% of the list price.

How often royalties are paid
We pay royalties on a quarterly basis once the total cumulative amount of your account exceeds $10.00.

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