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New Christian Book Gives An Essential Perspective on the Lord's Prayer

Lord, Teach Us To Live, a new book on the Lord's PrayerBladensburg, MD (March 2020) It is one of the most popular and oft-quoted sections of the New Testament, so popular that it is quoted and referenced by those who do not consider themselves devout Christians. But the Lord’s Prayer offers much more than just pretty words on a plaque or rote recitations by heart. Once it is unpacked, the Lord’s Prayer offers simple life lessons and meaning to aid those who are suffering, infusing them with joy and peace.

Lord, Teach Us to Live is author Jennifer Chamberlain’s follow-up to her book on the fruits of the Holy Spirit, Fresh Fruit. As she did with that book, Chamberlain takes each section of the Lord’s Prayer and breaks it down, teaching how each verse of the prayer is a model for how we are to live our lives in Christ.

Chamberlain feels that this book is very crucial to the body of Christ at large. “Many Christians feel alone in their circumstances, and this book shows that we all have the same issues, the same fears, and the same questions. Lord, Teach Us to Live can give us insight into subjects we might not have felt comfortable bringing up with our friends or groups. It can give us insights into our pasts, our present, and what God wants for our future."

And the insights are many. Using the Lord’s Prayer as the framework and packed with supporting scripture references, Chamberlain deals with questions and issues regarding subjects such as a Father’s love; where is heaven and who goes there; the proper use of Jesus’ name; the humanity of ministers; the question of submission; forgiveness; the importance of praise, and more.

Chamberlain wrote this book with a simple goal in mind. “I hope that each person who reads Lord, Teach Us to Live will realize that the Christian life can be full of joy, even during trouble. I want young Christians to understand how keeping our focus on Christ and not becoming drawn off into argumentative discussions is what builds our relationship with God. I want mature Christians to get back to basics and see that they are not alone in life’s struggles but that others suffer the same. I want us all to see that God is always there to get us through. I want Christians to THINK, not blindly doing what everyone around them is doing but sincerely seeking God’s will for their own lives. And I want them to see things in the scriptures that they may not have seen before.”

Lord, Teach us to Live is currently available in eBook and paperback at and other online outlets.

Lord, Teach us to Live, ISBN: 9781734303223

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